Ahad, 15 Februari 2009

Kira hari lagi.

Dinner with Ramly's Burger, delicious
but now need to be more cautious , im gettin weight..wahaha..
after this, need to schedule maself wat to put in my mouth..
cant wait to go to the office tomrrow,
lots of document need to be settled.
guess wat, few days ago, got a phone call from a fren,
she said..sumone cut out ma face from a newspaper..
OMG...hahah,wat position should i put maself in,,
shock, surprise, happy or lucky to hv sumone admirig u..
more n more ppl try to steal my heart away..LOL
need to chop my heart into pieces n gv it to everybody..
quater n even huh..=)
pero, hmmm..this one better just keep it to maself...shhh..hehe

im still thinking,
should i cont my study again..got my master..next DBA..doctor...
not sure..should i? ang nalilito na ako!!! tulung!!
one said, tumulong ka sa mga nangangailangan.hahah
btw..guys...here..golds for everybody.. help urself..

Golds for everbody.

bigfoot: eat an apple a day,keeps the doctor away..
pero wats about this "golds"..?u r gettin rich.. haha

Travelling to Seoul: Bercuti ke Seoul dengan kami.

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