Sabtu, 20 Februari 2010

Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief 2010

1 week on leave make me feels great.
went to the cinema to check out the latest movie.

Yups.. Percy Jackson and The Lighting Thief.
ticket for 1 person my rich loyalty card..

here you go sir, your ticket, enjoy ur movie.

this movie was an awesome fantasy movie..but a bit ridicules...LOL...yeah..where u can travel to "hell", see all the "Dewa"...hahaha crazy..

Percy Jackson is a son one of the powerful dewa...dewa water...LOL.......dat has been accused to steal the lighting bolt from one big dewa..he has a great power and of cause he need to sit near water to gain his power. -,-" .. so want to prove to all dewa dat he didnt take it. and the journey begun with his new loyalty frens.. kaki kambing and daughter of dewa wisdom and war the fight and all the CGI scene just great.

go and watch it.
btw the movie is easy to understand, dont hv any bumpy scene dat need u to dig out ur brain.
And please moms and dads out there, dont bring ur babies inside the cinema, we r trying to watch and enjoy the movie and it a bit irritating when ur babies started to cry.

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Nadia Yuna berkata...

nadia baru tengok hari khamis
balik2 terus masuk ward


Fauzan berkata...

Wahahaha... bash udah nge-blog lagi ternyata. meski postingannya bahasa inggris dan saya tak mengerti, tapi tak apa lah. hehe


ryann berkata...

tunggu alice in wonderland

PhataRazies berkata...

lama tak masuk blog kau bash..hehe..yup ni bagus banget...hehehehe..any other movie to recommend? hehehe...

penahatiku83 berkata...

lamanya tak jerit kt sini.... khabar baikkah?

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